Author Topic: Do not get overwhelmed by the process  (Read 2585 times)


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Do not get overwhelmed by the process
« on: August 29, 2013, 11:36:48 am »
When you begin the Portfolio process it can be a bit overwhelming.  You need to figure out what to include, how it represents you, what will help you get the job you want and how to make it all come together.  Throughout the process you will have an instructor guiding you and working to keep you on track.  The instructor will be there to assist you in making choices about which pieces to include, as well as serve as a critical eye when reviewing your work.  We want you to have the best Portfolio when you graduate because we want to see you succeed.  You are not in this alone, so lean on your instructor for help and guidance, he/she is there to see you through the end of your time here at AIPO and help you jump out into the world.