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Are you ready?
« on: September 28, 2013, 06:27:34 pm »
Many students come into the Portfolio classes feeling they have a great assortment of work for their portfolio, but they find that as they begin, many of the pieces either don't work with their goals, are not finished enough or don't work together as a cohesive portfolio.

There are some things you can do while still in earlier courses to prepare for the Portfolio.

1. Think about what role you want in the field, and focus on pieces that show those skills.  So if you want to be a copywriter, have pieces that show those skills.

2.  Think about how your work will look together in a portfolio.  Do you have projects for all different clients?  Is there a way to use the same client for a few classes so you can build groups within the portfolio?

3.  Keep working on your pieces even after the course they were for ends.  It is your work, keep adding, changing, adapting and critiquing your pieces.  It will keep you close to the work and help you enter with stronger pieces.