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Creating the Customer Experience
« on: February 11, 2014, 02:38:28 am »
Did you know that the consumer experience is the culmination of many factors?

The consumer brings some and the marketer or retailer creates others.

If one were to use a theater analogy, this would be opening night with the hope of a very long run for the show. There are actors (salespeople); audience (consumers); dialogue (product); lighting, sound, scenery, costumes (environment); theater (store) and critics (social word-of-mouth). When everything works in sync, it is a good experience for everyone and the show may run for years and become a classic. However, if all the parts are not ready for the moment, the show may close that night and will never have another audience.

It is often said that a satisfied person tells two people, and an unhappy one will tell ten.

Most would agree that it is cheaper to keep a customer than it is to get one, or even worse, to get one back.

The effort that goes into creating the perfect consumer experience is perhaps the most important step of consumer behavior. This is where your research (learning), observations (understanding), analysis (interpreting) and marketing (influence) come together.

Unfortunately, many marketers are so anxious to get to the marketplace with a product or service that they donít give this last step the importance that it deserves.