Author Topic: What is the history of market research?  (Read 1169 times)

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What is the history of market research?
« on: April 08, 2014, 12:35:46 am »
  :-\        So what is the basic history of market research?  How long has it been around, and how/why was it developed?

The discipline of marketing research has developed over time due to the proliferation of products and services that entered the consumer marketplace in the years since World War II.

During the war, America went into hyper-production in order to manufacture all types of products needed for the war. Once the war had ended, part of the American psyche had changed for a variety of reasons:

    First, women had entered the workforce in great numbers during the war due to the shortage of men. Afterwards, many women did not want to leave it increasing the amount of trained workers available.
    Second, factories had been built and were now in production mode, ready for innovation and product manufacturing.
    Third, many, many men had made it back from the war. They needed and wanted jobs.
    And finally, families were growing at an unprecedented rate the Baby Boomers had arrived. The families of the 50s needed products!

The development of multiple products was important because it gave people choices. And to influence choices, marketers needed to understand the choices.

Marketing research had arrived. Marketing research is a business science that exists to attempt to understand consumer choices, understand what influences consumer choices, and then analyze ideas for influencing choice.