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Tips for Success in A222
« on: May 02, 2014, 04:12:10 pm »
Principles of Marketing Research is a research class, meaning that during this course, you will be conducting original research.  This class is probably different from any other you have taken.  Learning how to conduct research for marketing purposes will help you advertising and marketing efforts achieve greater success by understanding your target, the competition, business environment and more.  This class is all about learning the proper way to conduct research. 

I have taught this course many times, and here are my 4 simple tips to help you excel in this course.

1. Read the readings, especially the textbook.  You cannot rely on just the lectures in this class - you need to read ALL of the readings.  The textbook offers a wealth of research-related knowledge.  Utilize the search tool in the Vital Source software to help you look up terms and definitions in the textbook as well.

2.Choose one specific product - not a brand - for your research.  So instead of saying you want to research Kraft (a brand), research Kraft Mac + Cheese (a product).  This will help you find more specific information.

3.Look ahead.  Some of the assignment require that you locate online reviews for your product, conduct a focus group and do a survey. Make sure you're prepared in advance for the additional time needed to complete these assignments.

4. Write clear research objectives that you will utilize for all research in this class. Research objectives clearly define the goal of your research.  For example, if Kraft Mac + Cheese is your example, your research objective might be... "This research aims to discover why adults prefer other brands of macaroni and cheese to Kraft Mac + Cheese."  This would drive ALL of the research you conduct in this class. 

If you follow these tips in addition to utilizing the grading criteria in the assignments and formatting your assignment properly in MLA, I believe you will have a very successful session.