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Writing RESEARCH Objectives
« on: May 14, 2014, 04:39:13 pm »
Research objectives define what your research project is trying to accomplish. They set the tone for your research project and are used to inform all forms of data collection.

Writing research objectives is a simple task, as long as you have the right approach.  It's different from marketing objectives, so take off your marketing hat for a moment and think about the goal of research. 

In research, you always seek to understand, to learn or to discover.  So, when you write research objectives, those are the key things you want to ask yourself...

What do you want to understand, learn or discover about your product and the target audience for this product? 

Once you ask yourself that question, you will probably have a few answers.  For example, with Kraft Mac + Cheese, I might seek to understand why kids enjoy this product, what parents think about this product's nutritional value, how could Kraft improve this product, do the kids like the packaging, etc. 

From here, you want to narrow down your questions to one central theme.  For my example, I'm going to narrow it down to parent's opinions of Kraft Mac + Cheese.  And now, I'm ready to write my objectives.

It's a good idea to use the following formula to write your objectives:
"This research seeks to [select one: learn, understand or discover] [insert what you want to find] of [insert product name]."

Here's an example:
This research seeks to understand what parents think about the nutritional value of Kraft Mac + Cheese.

It's important to remember that research objectives are NEVER about increasing anything, raising anything or promoting anything - those are related to marketing objectives. Research is always about learning. 

If you're still struggling to write your objectives, ask your instructor for assistance.