Author Topic: What's the difference between Qualitative and Quantitative research?  (Read 1709 times)

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When we analyze data, we use one of two methods—qualitative method or quantitative method. Each has distinct characteristics and can be used for different kinds of data analysis.

Qualitative Data:

    Uses descriptions.
    Is observed but not measured.
    Can include data based on colors, textures, smells, etc.

Examples of Qualitative Data:

    Observation of hair color.
    Texture of a carpet.
    Smell of flowers.

Quantitative Data:

    Data is number based.
    Data can be measured.
    Can include data based on length, cost, age, temperature, etc.

Examples of Quantitative Data:

    Length of hair in inches.
    Temperature of a room.
    Number of roses in a garden.

If we were gathering data on students in the Advertising Program at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Online Division Online Library, what are some examples of qualitative and quantitative data?

Qualitative Data:

    Students are creative.
    Students are hard working.
    Students are positive.
    Students are interested in advertising.

Quantitative Data (Note: Statistics are fictitious):

    Twenty-eight percent are freshman.
    There are 187 students.
    Seventy-five percent of students work part time.
    Fifty-two percent of students are women.

Think of quantitative as "numbers" or "data" and think of qualitative as "quality" - that should help you!   :) ;) :-* ;D