Author Topic: The Importance of Marketing Objectives  (Read 1806 times)

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The Importance of Marketing Objectives
« on: October 24, 2015, 10:38:37 pm »
The guiding forces in a marketing plan are the marketing objectives. These help us to see the direction the marketing plan is heading and what the plan will work to accomplish. Objectives are goals, and they should be measurable and only achievable by marketing. They should tell us what the marketing plan will accomplish, how much of a change they will make, and how long it will take to make that change.

Some examples of marketing objectives might be:

    Increase brand awareness by 5% over the next six months.
    Increase revenue in the new product division by 12% over the next year.
    Increase market share by 5% in the under-25 demographic in the next three months.

When we write our marketing objectives, we must always look at the other marketing plans that the company is running to be sure that we donít have an overlap. We also want to be sure there is no overlap in the target market, such as having one plan targeting college students and another targeting eighteen-to twenty-four-year-old adults, since having two marketing plans running focused on the same demographic but with two very different messages may be confusing.