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Consistency in Branding
« on: February 20, 2016, 02:16:13 pm »
Consumers can become very brand loyal and get attached to products and services that they use. Due to the emotional reaction and strong feelings consumers associate with their favorite brands, which are often tied to positive memories, it is very important to keep branding consistent. Consumers have expectations from brands, not only in the products and services but also in the colors, images, and outward representation of that brand.

When working with an existing brand, there are many decisions to consider when developing a marketing plan. Each brand has a set of core elements that will be considered whether the brand is new, redesigned, or just keeping up with the times, and this has to remain consistent in all marketing plans. These elements are core values, core message, and brand personality.

Core Values: Core values include three to five values for a brand that are fundamental and align with the company. These values should be well defined, clear, direct, and professional.

Core Message: The core message is the fundamental message about the brand. This is not the mission statement of the company. It is what the brand would say if it could speak. How the brand would define itself in a one-sentence statement.

Brand Personality: Brand personality tells us how the brand will be perceived, and all perceptions will stem from the personality. The brand personality includes adjectives, such as strong, fun, or brave, that define the brand. It should reflect back on the core values as well as the core message.

We tend to remember a brand based on first impressions, and we look for the brand to always provide the same perceptions. How it is perceived can create a positive or negative feeling towards the brand. Perceptions become part of who we are, and as we grow and experience life, our cultural and environmental experiences shape how we see brands, which is why the brand must remain consistent as we change and grow.