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Symbols & Metaphors of a Brand
« on: March 20, 2016, 10:09:40 pm »
Symbols and Metaphors

Visual representation of a brand can be a daunting aspect of brand development. Many people will have ideas of their own to contribute. Some of these ideas will be based on personal interests. Knowing how to filter ideas into a solid conclusion can make the process go smoother.

In the beginning of the visual representation process, it is important to brainstorm all possibilities. From among the brainstorming methods you may have learned, choose two or three that provide different perspectives.

At some point during the visual process, the idea of using symbols to represent the brand will come up. Logos are a popular example of how symbols are incorporated in the visual plan for a brand. Defining how visual representations will portray the brand is a good way to begin the process. How will the visuals be used? What media will be used for advertising? Does the brand need packaging? Once the uses are defined, brainstorming can begin.

Symbols are visual marks that represent the brand in a quick and insightful way. They visually embody the brand. Color, line quality, and style should all reflect the brand. They are meant to be an identifier of the brand. Some brands have become so well known that the consumer can instantly identify them by their symbol, such as the Nike swoosh, Target store’s bullseye logo, and Hallmark’s crown.

A metaphor can be used to imply information about a brand. Some car manufacturers use metaphors for their logos. Oldsmobile updated its logo in the 1990s. The logo is a metaphor for what the brand stands for, the core values. A metaphor is a method of relating the brand to the audience. It is based on the core values and personality of the brand.