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Hotel & Restaurant Management Highlights
« on: December 08, 2011, 10:54:23 am »
This is a quick overview of our program. For detailed information; please contact your advisor as to how this applies to your situation.

Go to this link for the current B.S. Hotel and Restaurant Management Degree grid:

If you started before Spring 2010, you will have a slightly different Course grid. Please contact your advisor for details.
As you go through your courses, please remember the following:

1.   All CUL and HRM courses have a final project. The class final project then becomes part of your final portfolio in HRM435. In every CUL and HRM course in the first week, right under the Week 1 welcome tab is a Portfolio page. This page shows the assignments from this class that will go into your final portfolio. Make sure you keep copies of all of your assignments in a safe place and back up on a regular basis. There is a Hotel Restaurant Management Portfolio Checksheet in the Doc Sharing for this center which outlines your final portfolio and the classes that contribute to it. 

2.   Remember that all HRM students need to take an Internshipó11 weeks working at a hospitality organization. Start planning as early as possible to do this. You can find the internship packets and paperwork in the Doc Sharing and under the Internship Tab.