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Portfolio Review Overview
« on: December 08, 2011, 11:04:21 am »
All HRM and CUL students have to create a portfolio before they graduate. At AIP-Online, our portfolio contains two parts: the business plan for their concept establishment and a second part, which includes the student resume and personal information. Every project that you do in a CUL or HRM course eventually goes into your final portfolio.

To help make sure that your projects are consistent and will meet the requirements for graduation, we will periodically ask you to combine all of your information so far into one document. A faculty member will review the portfolio to make sure it is on track. Starting in 2012, you will receive an email asking you to come to this module after your 6th, and 9th quarter for a formal review.

Donít forget to keep copies of your professional and personal development items such as work-related documents, extracurricular activities, internship information, pictures, check sheets, and certificates. Take time now to collect this information as you work. Please make sure that you have all of these items in a safe place. Since your portfolio will be submitted digitally, you may want to scan in all of your hard copies. Keep a backup of all of the files in a safe place.
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