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Classroom Expectations
« on: December 08, 2011, 11:29:31 am »
Here are a few guidelines for your courses:

Be sure to check the announcements posted in class each time you enter your classroom. Please remember that each CUL and HRM classroom will post the Late Work Guidelines (and penalty), the Disability policy and the Plagiarism policy within the classroom. The policies are also available under the Course home tab in each class. Your instructor will also post classroom expectations and office hours for you to review.

General Student Information ˝ Hints For Student Success

The following are some tips that our faculty members have collected over the years to help you with the program:

***Read the lecture material. Frequently, there is a problem worked out that is similar to the homework assignmentˇif it is not in the lecture material, you can find it in the text.

***Ask questions. If you are having a hard time, your faculty member is there to assist you.

***Use the tutorials, software guides, and Learning Centers. These are all available to you at no cost and you can access them at any time.  They can help you with MLA formatting, writing, math problems, excel issues and the like.

***Remember, we can only grade what you have in the classroom and the more, the better. Make sure you return and post responses to your fellow students. Be sure to read your assignments thoroughly and review the grading criteria so you meet the requirements of the assignment.

***Read your gradebook feedback each week. The faculty member will tell you what you did right, what you did wrong, and how to improve before the next assignment.