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Digital Book Information
« on: December 08, 2011, 11:32:31 am »
Most of our courses use ebooksóthe digital version of the textóhowever, there are a few exceptions. Please make sure you check the bookstore list before purchasing texts. A current list of texts and their ebook status is available in Doc Sharing.

Remember, the student portal has a separate section with FAQ, software hints, and helps for the ebooks. We have posted the student FAQ in the Doc Sharing area. Please make sure that you review this before downloading books.

Important link:

Some of the great features of the digital textbooks are:

***Sophisticated search engine: Students can perform a keyword search on a single book or their entire library at any time. You no longer need to spend time searching indexes and scouring pages for relevant content.

***Advanced note-taking and highlighting: Digital Bookshelf allows students to flag important passages, insert notes, and custom-organize their information (by chapter, highlight color, chronology, or content). Your notes are searchable as soon as they enter them and are instantly backed up to their user data folder.

***Personalized views: Students can display and organize content based on their reading styles (Browser, Column, or one of several customizable Reading Views).