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Overview of Course Resources
« on: December 08, 2011, 11:44:58 am »
Course Resources

Videos About the Online Classroom

Go to Campus Common, select Getting Started, then Welcome Center and scroll down to Knowledge Base. There are about a dozen videos on how to do specific tasks such as ýView the Gradebookţ within this section.

Online Tutoring

Go to the Campus Common, My Academics, Tutoring Center, and then you will see the link to the online tutoring on the right hand side of the screen. Click there and you will be connected to Thinking Storm and one on one tutoring in math, science, English, and other subjectsˇall free.

Software Tutorials

Go to the Campus Common, My Academics, Tutoring Center and you will see the link to the software tutorials.  There are videos which cover all of our software including 2003 and 2007 Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word and Visio, and Adobe Reader. Once you click on the software title, you can see a list of specific ýhow-toţ videos on major functions.


Go to the Campus Common, My Academics, and then Online Library. From there, you will go to the online library portal with a single search function that covers all of the databases. There is a separate Culinary and Hotel Restaurant Management tab which will bring up databases and websites for our program.

Writing Center and MLA

You can visit the Writing Center for helpˇespecially with your MLA citations.  The Writing Center is staffed by a full time faculty member in the English Department and can help you with any questions that you might have. You can access the writing center by going into your course list. It will appear right below your listed classes.