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What is MLA Format?
« on: December 08, 2011, 11:47:59 am »
MLA is a way of citing (giving credit to) information that you have quoted within a paper, discussion post, or an assignment. At AiP-Online Division, we take plagiarism seriously - if you are found copying and pasting from any source (including Web sites), you could face an academic integrity hearing. This includes lists of features of equipment and other items, and any pictures that you copy from a Web page.

MLA also includes the paper formatting - for example, where to put your heading, titles, and paragraph styles. Using this consistent format means that your final portfolio will be easy to assemble. It will also help with the structure of your submissions.

MLA is a way of acknowledging these sources. It enables the instructor and the other students in the course to see where you found your material, so that they can comment upon the discussion. If you have Microsoft Word 2007, you can use the Reference Tab to automate your MLA citations and bibliography. For more help on that topic, check out the software tutorials or Microsoft Word help section.

If you want help with MLA, the structure of the citation, and other information, then check out these Web pages:

        Information from AiP-Online Library:

        Chapter-by-Chapter MLA tutorial:

        Video on how to cite in MLA and how to configure Word 2003 for automating the process:

        If you have Microsoft Word 2007๓here is how to configure it:

        Purdue Owl Series is a great resource especially if you have a technical question such as how to handle one author who published two articles in  the same month, and you need to cite both of them.

        BibMe -

        EasyBib -

       Citation Machine -

Attached is the Citation Helper Handout to assist in citing sources correctly.

One note on MLA within a discussion thread. Obviously, if you need to post something into the discussion box, ecollege will strip the formatting. You will not be able to use double spacing or paragraph indents. You still need to include your references, including the text in the best possible format.
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