Author Topic: What is the Learning Center - Help Forums?  (Read 2644 times)


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What is the Learning Center - Help Forums?
« on: May 21, 2012, 09:08:11 pm »
What is a Learning Center/Help Forum?  A Learning Center is a resource area, where we have loaded forms, checksheets, course related information that you can use when you are taking online courses.  We have gathered up all of this information in this one place for you to use.  You can also find job leads, internship information, industry approved websites and other information in this one spot.

If you are a new student to the online realm, then start with the new student tab which has lots of information on how to navigate courses.  For more experienced students please use whatever you need. 

We would like to welcome you to the program. As an online student you can take classes while working in the hospitality industry. You can post your assignments at any time before the deadline, and access the information in the library at any time. Enjoy!
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