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Merchandise Math (FMMA 201) / Profit and Loss Video
« Last post by aburnstine on October 20, 2015, 09:54:27 am »

Here is a short video on Profit and Loss that you should enjoy watching!
3D Visual Merchandising I / CLASS TEMPLATES!
« Last post by Debbie Baskerville on October 05, 2015, 04:09:29 pm »
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3D Visual Merchandising I / Target Market Research Tips!
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Here's the reading and resource list for this week!  The full versions of the articles can be viewed by logging into the Online Library and pasting the Accession Number into the search bar!  So easy!!

Title: Role of Store Atmospherics on Customer Experience.
Authors: Sachdeva, Ishita1; Goel, Sushma2
Source: International Journal of Multidisciplinary Approach & Studies. May/Jun2015, Vol. 2 Issue 3, p72-83. 12p.
Document Type:
Subject Terms:
*RETAIL stores -- Design & construction
*BUSINESS enterprises
*COMMERCIAL products
Author-Supplied Keywords:
customer experience
Retail store design
store atmospherics
Now days retailers are creating enticing décor and ambience for the store interiors to make customers replete with sights, sound, texture and movement. The present research focuses on aspects whether the shoppers were attracted to the visual extravaganza or did they stay longer; or eventually returned with a purchase. Observations and interactions with customers and store owners (from organized as well as unorganized retail stores) indicated that most of the customers visiting these stores were inspired, desired to purchase the merchandise even though they were window shoppers, felt satisfied with the store design and wanted to visit the store again. The research revealed that the customers got enticed by the look of the store and eventually converted this attraction towards the jewellery acquisition / purchase. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]
Accession Number:108425361

Title: Winning Windows
Authors:Barnard, Charlotte
Source: Dance Retailer News. Mar2012, Vol. 11 Issue 3, p28-29. 2p.
Document Type:
SHOW windows
DANCE -- Equipment & supplies
SIGNS & signboards
RETAIL stores -- Lighting
Abstract: In this article, the author provides window display tips for retailers. The author begins by asking on how customers approach one's store and how it determines the scale of signage, lighting levels, and decorative details. She suggests to positions the store's signage above cars' and minivans's rooftops when it is located in a strip mall. Use of ample lighting, classic display strategies, and storytelling in windows display are discussed.
Accession Number: 72657457
Database: Associates Programs Source Plus

Title: Lighting suppliers.
Source: Chain Store Age Executive with Shopping Center Age. Jul94, Vol. 70 Issue 7, Directory of Fixture... p87A. 19p.
Document Type: Listings
Subject Terms:
ELECTRIC lighting -- Equipment & supplies
Presents a listing of suppliers of lighting equipment. Company names; Location; Product lines; Distribution channels; Services.
Accession Number: 9409091208
Database: Business Source Complete

Title: How to draw the crowds.
Authors: Boxer, David
Source: Cabinet Maker. 09/01/2000, Issue 5203, p20. 2p.
Document Type: Article
RETAIL industry
DISPLAY of merchandise
Geographic Terms: GREAT Britain
Focuses on the need for retail trade in Great Britain to implement strategies to lure more people to shop. Stabilization of sales and increase in profitability by buying budgets of retailers; Improvement of merchandising and store lighting; Importance of attractive window displays.
Accession Number: 3530048
Database: Associates Programs Source Plus

Title: Section 3: Key Trends and Findings.
Source: Future of Retail Property: Future Shopping Places. 2007, p27-59. 33p.
Document Type: Book Chapter
Subject Terms:
*RETAIL industry
*SHOPPING centers
*STORE location
Geographic Terms: GREAT Britain
Chapter 3 of the book "BCSC: Future of Retail Property: Future Shopping Places" is presented. It discusses the factors that shaped the location and physical form of retailing over the last 20 years in Great Britain. It cites consumers as the driving force for change and adds that the fate of shopping places are in their hands. It also mentions that the competition in retailing includes competition between town and city centres, shopping malls and retail locations.
ISBN: 9781897958384
Accession Number: 27537335
Database: Business Source Complete
Students, please check out the following resources for more information on trends in color and forecasting: ** To access this resource, you will need to sign up for an account through the library.  This resource used to be called Stylesight and still has content from that company.  Please visit the WGSN/Stylesight section of this Help Forum (under "Resources") for further instructions on how to access this valuable resource, and be sure to click on the "Visual Merchandising" section as well as visiting the "Lifestyles and Interiors" area. **This resource is also fully accessible through our online library.  Use the login information provided there.
3D Visual Merchandising I / Interior Design Resources: Week 5, Assignment 2
« Last post by Debbie Baskerville on September 19, 2015, 03:40:21 pm »
Students, please review the following resources to support your work.  The full versions of the articles can be viewed by logging into the Online Library and pasting the Accession Number into the search bar!  So easy!!

Title: Sculptural style
Authors: Fenley, Gareth
Source: Display & Design Ideas. Mar2007, Vol. 19 Issue 3, p36-38. 3p. 3 Color Photographs.
Document Type: Article
JEWELRY stores
YURMAN Design Inc.
YABU Pushelberg (Company)
Geographic Terms:
BEVERLY Hills (Calif.)
The article focuses on the architectural design of the jewelry boutique owned by jewelry baron David Yurman. The store is situated at Beverly Hills, California. It is the 10th store by David Yurman Inc. The 1,105 sq.ft. boutique achieves a new level of architectural vision designed by innovator company Yabu Pushelberg. Natural elements including stone, wood, water and blackberry-colored suede, are worked into three-dimensional designs. It is an unparalleled treasury for shoppers.
Accession Number:24372852
Database:Associates Programs Source Plus

Title: Retail design: Taking the long view.
Source: Chain Store Age Executive with Shopping Center Age. Jun94, Vol. 70 Issue 6, p96. 4p. 8 Color Photographs, 6 Black and White Photographs.
Document Type: Article
Subject Terms: *CHAIN stores
Traces the development in designing retail stores from the 1920s to the 1990s. Factors affecting and inspiring the design of the times; Modern fixtures and products incorporated in store designs; Fierce competition as main reason for continuous design innovations.
Accession Number:9409071773
Database:Business Source Complete
Here's the reading list for this week!  The full versions of the articles can be viewed by logging into the Online Library and pasting the Accession Number into the search bar!  So easy!!

Title: Display Options.
Source: Gifts & Decorative Accessories. Sep/Oct2013, Vol. 114 Issue 8, p40-44. 3p.
Document Type: Article
STORE fixtures -- Exhibitions
RETAIL industry -- Congresses
INTERIOR decoration
The article offers information on the Global Shop: Visual Merchandising & Shopper Marketing exposition which is the store fixture and visual merchandising show held in the U.S. every year. It mentions that the trade show features innovative products for visual merchandising which is used by retailers involved in gifts and accessories business, and shopper marketing trends and the newest products for design of stores. The author highlights the trends in mannequins and seasonal decorations. INSET: It's a Wrap.
Accession Number:91644365
Database:Associates Programs Source Plus

Source: Chain Store Age. Jun/Jul2014, Vol. 90 Issue 4, p46-46. 1p.
Document Type: Interview
DAVIDSON, Cindy -- Interviews
DISPLAY systems
RETAIL industry
An interview Uniweb president, Cindy Davidson is presented. She highlights the concept for an inspiring retail environment within the store. She discusses the merchandising display system of the retailers in the shopping environments. She stresses the impact of technology to the merchandising display system in businesses.
Accession Number:97055939
Database:Associates Programs Source Plus

Authors:Tyagi, Rahul
Source: Retail Digest. Fall2008, p50-53. 4p. 1 Color Photograph.
Document Type: Article
RETAIL industry
SUCCESS in business
BUSINESS planning
INDUSTRIAL management
The article discusses the importance of sound merchandising practices on retail success. It cites execution of optimized merchandising plans as the key to success of any merchandising initiative. It then mentions the factors that should be considered when executing such plans, including the availability of correct information about items and stores, the use of a tying-in process that links a macro-space plan to a store and the need to make some changes to the assigned planogram.
Accession Number:36157505
Database:Associates Programs Source Plus

Title: Fixture Sellers Meet With the Right Buyers During ECRM's Fixture Event Taking Place February 2015.
Authors: Marketwired
Source: Marketwire (English). 08/01/2014.
Document Type: Article
SOLON, OH -- (Marketwired) -- 08/01/14 -- Business innovation and technology leader Efficient Collaborative Retail Marketing (ECRM®) is hosting the Fixture Review - Checklane and P.O.P. Merchandising Efficient Program Planning Session (EPPS) February 8 - 9, 2015 at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. [ABSTRACT FROM PUBLISHER]
Accession Number:B2IDMKE1134854
Database:Points of View Reference Center

Source:Chain Store Age. Jun/Jul2015, Vol. 91 Issue 4, p38-38. 1p.
Document Type:Interview
COZZA, Frank Charles -- Interviews
CHIEF executive officers
GONDOLA Skate Moving Systems Inc.
FREIGHT & freightage
MATERIALS handling
RETAIL stores
An interview with Frank Charles Cozza, chief executive officer (CEO) of Gondola Skate Moving Systems Inc., is presented. Cozza cites common reasons for retailers' need to move gondola fixtures and pallet tracks and the related challenges and dangers retailers face. He tells about the solutions and customized products offered by Gondola Skate to retailer and its nationwide shipping capabilities and management solutions. He advises retailers about selecting fixture-moving solution.
Accession Number: 108530436
Database: Associates Programs Source Plus

Boost sales in your optical shop with a merchandising upgrade.
Authors: Wright, Barbara
Source: Ophthalmology Times. 10/15/2007, Vol. 32 Issue 20, p95-96. 2p.
Document Type: Article
RETAIL stores
BRAND name products
The article provides tips on how to boost sales in an optical shop through merchandising upgrade. The first step is to plan the desired product combination and organize it by price, brand, feature displays and lense selection display. The second step is to remove all point-of-purchase displays, counter cards, posters and current display props and change the location of the product. The last step is to choose only a few items and place it on the matching frame style or brand.
Accession Number: 27392903
Merchandise Math (FMMA 201) / Welcome to Merchandising Math!
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