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Why create a Portfolio
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Dear Fashionistas,

Following are two student explanations on how creating a Portfolio in FRM425: Business Ownership I and FRM430: Business Ownership II, help them advance their fashion careers.

“I, initially, did not think I had one, but now looking at my presentation as a whole, there is absolutely one there beginning with my career aspirations, Internship experience, my love for fashion and being able to showcase some of the hard work that I have put into school over the last three and a half years.  The portfolio truly is a representation of me in so many ways and now that I have put it together, I am rather excited to have it as something I will always have to show potential employers, clients, graduate schools that I am applying to as well as vendors I want to work with when I do finally open my own company.”

“When presenting my portfolio to prospective employers, I would be sure to adapt the content to align with the company and position I am applying for. This would ensure that my most desired skills and knowledge for the given job are highlighted and anything that is not relevant does not take up their time and attention.  In terms of presentation, I haven’t yet decided on the actual case that I will be using, but it will be something very sleek, and simple so that my work inside is what stands out.
While in an interview, I will offer the prospective employer my portfolio to briefly review. Then, as we get more in depth, I will utilize my portfolio and the work in it to demonstrate what I would bring to the position and why I should be hired. Finally, I would be sure to have a digital copy on a disc that I would leave with my prospective employer along with my resume for them to further review later, if they wished. “


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Why create a Portfolio
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I created a forum because I had been on many other forums and decided it was time to create one that I would want an entire community to discuss together. I also wanted to be view others opinions and their perspective on everything.