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The importance of Internships
« on: May 01, 2014, 11:28:10 am »
The importance of internships:

Internships are a great way to gain experience.

They provide a fantastic opportunity to sample the duties involved in specific positions. There are so many areas in the fashion industry and internships can enable you to sample a variety of responsibilities and positions.

Even working in retail over the Holidays will improve your resume

Contact local employers to inquire if they offer internships.  Some positions are paid; some offer perks such as lunch or employee discounts.

If you have an apparel mart in your area you should try to assist in a showroom as this provides excellent insight into the local industry.

Contact all local designers and apparel manufacturers to request an internship.

Contact local Non profit organizations to assist with special events and or fashion shows.

Even if an internship is not paid there are typically benefits on the back end. I have seen students command $10,000 more starting salary in their first paid position because they gained industry experience from their internship.

When I was at college I was required to perform a 7 week work placement and every student in my course wanted to be an apparel buyer for Wal-Mart. However, I was the only student they accepted because I had previous apparel industry experience.

Put together a resume and cover letter for internship applications. Always apply as a professional, dress professionally, and provide a resume and cover letter.
You must be reliable. The internship might not be a paying position, however this does not mean that you can be a no show, be late or not do a thorough and professional job.

Always ask for a reference when the internship is complete.

Remember to do the best work possible because you might get hired as a result of an internship!