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New Student Orientation Video
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Dear Fashionistas!

If you are new to the program, please take some time (if you havenít viewed this yet) and watch this great video to orientate you to the various areas of your classroom and the great resources available. It will help you understand how to navigate:

Course Description and Requirements
Reading Assignments
Classroom Discussions
The Online Library
Assignment Submission

It is a great overall video for those of you who are new to the online environment. You can access the Orientation video from this direct link: 


If you have trouble viewing the video, please check that your Flash Player is up-to-date and youíre your connection speed is 5Mbps or higher. (See below links.)  If you are still having technical difficulty, please contact Technical Support at 866-642-2711.

You can download the latest version of Flash Player go here http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/

Also, to verify that your connection speed is 5Mbps or higher go to http://speedtest.net/

Feel free to post any questions or concerns, as always! Seek help when you need it.
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