Author Topic: 10 Helpful Study Tips for Online Students  (Read 1285 times)


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10 Helpful Study Tips for Online Students
« on: January 06, 2016, 04:32:02 pm »
 10 Helpful Study Tips for Online Students

Working toward a degree of higher education isnít always easy. Chances are you have a job and household responsibilities. Online degrees, are the answer for many busy adults. However, you do face the challenge of organizing your time and studying on your own. Here are some helpful study hints make it easy:

1. Make flash cards
It might seem juvenile, but the act of writing information onto easy-to-carry cards helps cement the information in your brain and is one of the easiest helpful study tips there is. It also gives you a handy, portable set of study terms that you can pull out anytime you have a few free minutes to study.

2. Read
Whether they are hard copies or the online version, the information contained within the textbooks for your courses are full of valuable information that help you gain an understanding of the subject.

3. Switch between classes
Spending hours on one class might be counter intuitive. Instead, study material for each of your classes for short blocks of time and alternate between them. This gives your brain a break from one subject, which helps hold your attention.

4. Donít procrastinate
Instead of waiting until the night before an exam to study, take the time to look over the material for a few minutes each day. This will keep you from pulling an all nighter and keep the information fresh.

5. Get comfortable
Find a place to study where you feel comfortable. Youíre much more likely to stick with it this way.

6. Practice
Put together practice tests using your materials. Then, put away your books and notes and see how well you do. This way, youíll know what you need to spend more time on.

7. Organize
Designate a folder for each class, so your study materials are easy to find.

8. Take breaks
Too much at one time can overload your brain. Take a walk or have a meal midway between your session then finish up with a fresh brain.

9. Manage your time
Work study time into your schedule so it doesnít fall by the wayside amidst your other obligations.

10. Join a study group
Email classmates and set up a time to get together and share helpful study tips. This lets you quiz each other and is a good way to gain a better understanding of the material.

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