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Managing Your Time
« on: October 04, 2016, 11:03:57 am »
Managing Your Time
1.   Make on-line courses no less a priority than face to face courses.
2.   Put yourself on a predictable schedule so that you allocate time for the course.  Pace yourself, donít procrastinate.
3.   Manage the use of your time by blocking time for the semester on your calendar for reading, discussion board posts and projects. Also, block time for your exercise, meditation and eating right.  It will make a big difference!
4.   Make a routine of checking in on your course. You donít have to post every time you check the course, but make a plan to check it on a regular basis. Even go so far as to make appointments to post or read info on the course.
5.   Don't procrastinate: Work ahead when you can. Look ahead, knowing what is due in six weeks, not just the next day. Once you know when an assignment is due, don't wait until the day before to start working on it.
6.   Speak up: If you struggle or fall behind, don't stay silent. Contact you instructor to let them know you are having difficulties. Your instructor is there to help; they can only do so if they know you have a problem.