Author Topic: Dear Fashionistas! Feel free to communicate directly with me here in this thread  (Read 2978 times)

Zsofia Alfonso

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Dear Fashionistas! Feel free to communicate directly with me here in this thread.
I look forward to hear from you.

Below is my contact information:

Zsofia Alfonso
The Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division
Senior Full Time Faculty, Fashion Retail Management
Skype: zsofia.alfonso.ai
Tel: (916) 226 5300
Fax: (323) 303 3530
1400 Penn Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15222




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Hi Ms. Alfonso,
I am in in FRM 130 and having difficulties. I have 2 more weeks of this class and I eally want to finish strong but math and word problems are not my greatest strength. i get so overwhemed I have my next assigment that I am having difficulties with. Can you please help me. It takes me a while to get thiings so taking it step by step helps me. hope to hear from you soon, thank you

Create a P&L statement for a buyer of Bailey's Menswear Big and Tall in lower Manhattan. He has achieved a planned initial markup percentage of 48.5 percent on sales of $655,500 in June. The markdowns amounted to $15,450 and expenses were fixed at $285,000. The combination of these factors has resulted in a profit of 2.7 percent for the month of June. However toward the end of the month, sales begin to drop and the buyer becomes anxious about July sales slacking off even further.

Create another P&L statement to calculate the effect on the net profit if sales slack off 8 percent and the buyer maintains the same MU% and his expenses are fixed at the June level.

Complete these two P&L statements both in dollars and percentages, and discuss the effect that the drop in sales will have on the net profit. What plan of action would you suggest to boost lagging sales before the month of July begins?

Zsofia Alfonso

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Calculation question
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Thanks for the questions. We have a separate section for calculations and an excellent professor to help you with.
Re-post your question under "Merchandise Management" section Andrew will be able to help you.
Here is his contact information too:
Andrew Burnstine Ph.D
E-mail: aburnstine@aii.edu
Cell: 954-708-0720
Skype: 412-927-2148
Skype: andrew.burnstine.ai