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Welcome to the Portfolio Prep Center
« on: June 26, 2014, 01:50:15 pm »

Look for this icon in your classroom. It identifies a course project as a potential portfolio piece. It serves as a reminder to continue to revise and improve your work so that it will be ready to "add to your portfolio" when you reach your final portfolio course. A competitive portfolio is the most important outcome for your program of study. There are steps you should take during each stage of your education to prepare for your final portfolio:
Here is a quick video overview to help you understand the expectations:

(Note: The content from the Welcome Package referred to in the video can be found in the Department Essentials section of the Student Help Forum:

Be sure to look for the "Add To Portfolio" icon on assignment pages in your classes! You may also refer to the attached file below for a list of potential portfolio projects for each program of study. Note, you must register and log into the Help Forum to be able to view and download attached files.

Additional information can be found in the Portfolio Prep Center section:
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