Author Topic: The Great Debate 2015: Unlocking the Secrets of the Internship  (Read 1443 times)

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On February 26th, the Graphic Design department hosted another webinar in their Great Debate series. 

Featuring Graphic Design professors Elizabeth Tilak, expert advisor in portfolio and internship, with Graphic Design professor, Nancy Zeller to discuss the Graphic Design department internship process. From the Web Design and Interactive Media department, professor Natalie Hruska and Associate Program Director, Gwen Penner will share insight from WDIM's perspective. This panel will be presenting ideas on “Unlocking the Mystery of the Internship”.

Some of the topics in this event will include:

1. Necessary prerequisites of internship

2. How do you find or identify a good internship

3. The value of internship

4. Open Q&A

Professor Natalie Hruska, Web Design and Interactive Media
Professor Wendy Barr, Digital Graphics
Professor Elizabeth Tilak, Digital Graphics
Professor Nancy Zeller, Digital Graphics

Click here to view recording: