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« on: December 02, 2011, 06:20:19 pm »
The first step in marketing yourself is to determine your objectives. It is important for you to develop your own visual style. Decide what field of graphic design you would like to enter. Start this exercise as soon as you have some clarity as to the direction you would like to take. Your identity should reflect you as an artist, designer and a professional.

You can write your own creative brief as you would with any other client. Follow the design process as you have done several times in your courses and in your freelance assignments. Take the same amount of time and energy as you would when researching a client and their service or product.

Based on your creative brief develop a visual identity for yourself. You should translate who you are into a logo, symbol and a design template with consistent typographic and color choices. You do not have to develop a logo if you feel you are not ready. However a template with the correct choice of font and color will reflect your professionalism.  You should treat this as your own brand identity. Once you have designed the initial template, you can adapt this design as you develop each media piece in your portfolio.
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