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Voni Whittier, OPD
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Voni Whittier
AiPOD Graphic Design/Digital Design/Web Design Online Program Director
- oversees all department operations -

Voni received both her Bachelor and Master degrees in Graphic Design from New Mexico State University. She has been the owner and principal of The Design Studio since 1978, focusing on Web Design, Graphic Design, Photography, Fine Art and Illustration. She served as the Coordinator of Graphic Arts, Art Director and Assistant Professor of Art at New Mexico State University and Arapahoe College prior to accepting a teaching position with the Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division in 2001. Voni has been the Graphic Design | Digital Design Program Director for the Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online since 2004, and added the  Web Design & Interactive Media program in 2011. She manages a team of 41 Associate and Assistant Program Directors and Senior and Full-time faculty members, along with a team of over 150 adjunct faculty. She has taught basic and advanced courses in Color Theory, 2 and 3-Dimensional Design, Typography, Graphics, Packaging, Digital Design, Publishing, and Fine Art to both undergraduate and graduate students. She has managed non-profit student design groups, juried fine art and design exhibitions, published work on the principles and elements of design, and computer aided design, and remains actively engaged as a professional artist and designer.