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WHY Student Assessment?
« on: December 13, 2011, 03:52:13 pm »
Dear Students,

In an effort to support and enhance student learning outcomes, the graphic design department at AiPOD has begun implementing a series of student assessment initiatives to help gauge and track student competency. Each year a plan is developed and submitted to our office of Institutional Effectiveness. This plan outlines our goals and assessment methods for the coming year. Annually, we will be gathering data from quizzes administered in three courses occurring at different positions on each program grid as well as reviewing portfolio outcomes.

The Goals of Student Assessment

  • To gauge student competencies are being met within the program
  • To determine where/if weaknesses exist
  • To help identify corrective actions
  • The data collected from each of these "touch points" will allow us to determine how and where students are, or are not, meeting educational objectives. As a result, we will be able to make necessary changes to curriculum, etc. in order to correct any decencies found.

For example, Bachelor students will complete a quiz in their 6th quarter and another in their 9th quarter. In addition, they will be assessed on visual work during 9th and 11th quarters. Associate students will complete a quiz during their 4th quarter and another during their 6th quarter. In addition, their visual work will be assessed during these same quarters. Digital Design students will complete a quiz during their 3rd quarter and their visual work will be assessed during this and their final quarter.

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