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HOW and WHEN does Student Assessment Occur?
« on: December 13, 2011, 11:30:05 pm »
Assessment quizzes added to three courses 
• 50 question quiz worth 50 points - Software Proficiencies
   (Completed during G224 Design Principles)

• 25 question quiz worth 50 points – Web Design - Location updated beginning April 8th, 2013
   (G313_AS Portfolio for AS (Week Four) and G444 Interactive Portfolio (Week Six) for DP and BS)

• Quizzes are administered inside the eCollege classroom

• Quiz scores are automatically populated in the grade-book once students completes the quiz and grades are released by the instructor

Refer to the Reading and Assignment section within your course and inquire with your instructor as to deadline of the quiz and weekly course schedule. See screen-shot attached below.

Mid-Program reviews are also completed during the degree program

AIPOD students pursuing a degree, certificate, or diploma in Graphic Design are required to submit a selection of their design work while they are enrolled in G224 Design Principles.

Weeks 1 and 2: During Weeks 1 and 2 of this course you will have time to gather the projects you will be submitting. Select the Suggested Portfolio Projects link on this page to download a PDF with a list of projects to use for the review.

These projects were selected based on the work you will have completed in courses prior to G224. You can take this opportunity to review the projects and make any changes you feel will improve the quality of the work, and prepare them for submission to the review committee.

Week 3: you will upload your portfolio of work to AIPOD's secure and private location to be reviewed by the Portfolio Review Committee. There is no login to required. You will complete the simple form as part of the course and upload of the file being submitted for review to The work submitted via will not be shared outside of the official AIPOD portfolio review faculty.

Weeks 4 and 5: The review committee will use these two weeks to review and evaluate the work you’ve submitted.

The Portfolio Review Committee is composed of full-time faculty members from the AIPOD Graphic Design Department. They will evaluate the work and provide feedback to the submitting student as to the suitability of the submitted projects for use in a portfolio. This feedback may include suggestions for improvement of the individual work as well as links to supplemental resources designed to aid students in the continued preparation of portfolio-quality work in their future courses.

Week 6: In Week 6 you’ll receive an email with the evaluation results from the Portfolio Review Committee. This feedback received will be a great opportunity to help better prepare and hone your work completed to-date for portfolio readiness and upper-level coursework. While there is a grade assigned to submission of your portfolio there is no grade assigned for the portfolio review itself. You cannot fail the review and the review comments will not impact your grade in this course. Failure to complete the portfolio submission, however, will have a negative impact on your grade. The feedback you receive from the committee will help to guide you in the preparation of future projects in your classes as you progress toward your portfolio preparation courses.

Pre-Portfolio reviews are also completed during the degree program

• As part of this process, the final course projects from G131 and G231 will be evaluated based on a standardized rubric by the class instructor.

• Once the student work is submitted, the instructor will assess the final course projects using the standardized review form to determine effectiveness of course outcomes.

Portfolio reviews are also completed for portfolio courses

• As part of this process, student portfolios will be collected and evaluated based on a standardized rubric.

• Portfolios selected MUST demonstrate course competencies and portfolio requirements as outlined in classroom assignments.

• Faculty teaching G313_AS, G313_DP or G430 will be required to upload student work via a link established inside of these classrooms for this purpose.

• Once the student work is uploaded, the portfolio review committee (PRC) will assess student portfolios using the standardized review form to determine effectiveness of course outcomes.
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