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When and How to Cite Your Sources
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**Information taken directly from AiPOD Online Library, Copyright & Citation Section**

Why Cite Your Sources Properly citing your sources is crucial in college-level research. It allows someone reviewing your work to retrace your steps, it provides readers with avenues for further reading, and (most importantly) it gives credit where credit is due. Not citing your sources is considered plagiarism, a serious academic offense. Any sources regardless of format must be cited including books, videos, web pages, and magazines.

When to Cite a Source Anytime you reference another author you must give the citation for their work. This includes:

  • using a direct quote
    paraphrasing a passage from a resource
    summarizing an author's thoughts
    referencing facts or figures
    referring to the general idea of a work
    basing a thought on the work of another author

What Is Included In a Citation The purpose of a citation is to allow a reader to locate the item your reference. Therefore, each type of resource requires different information. Here is a sample of the kind of information required:

  • Author
    Title of article and/or source
    Publisher/Producer name and location
    Date of publication
    Volume and/or Issue Number
    Pages you used or page numbers of article

Citing Online Lectures?  Easy! See the link below.

Citation StylesThe ID/RP/KB Program requests that students use the MLA style. Please see the link below for more information.

General Resources
Duke University Libraries :
Purdue University's Online Writing Lab :
Son of Citation Machine - Interactive Citation Generator :
Style Sheets for Citing Resources - by UC Berkeley :
StyleWizard - Step by Step citation generator :


The website,, can also be used to help create proper citations.

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