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curved walls
« on: February 09, 2015, 12:19:12 pm »
I'm hand drafting a floor plan, and there is a curved alcove. I don't have a compass, but am working with a circle template. Using my architectural scale, I can find the circle that most closely matches the radius of the alcove, however, none of them match perfectly. Is there a trick to getting the right curve in this circumstance?


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Re: curved walls
« Reply #1 on: February 09, 2015, 02:17:19 pm »
Hi Kazingg:

This is a very good question....The answer is really to have the right tools for the job and as you noted, sometimes circle templates only come in certain sizes. I would recommend that to create an accurate circle to the size that you need, a compass (the style with a needle on one end and your lead holder/pencil on the other end) would be the best tool. You can adjust a compass to the exact radius that you need for your circles, and spread the needle and pencil apart as needed before you swing your half circular shape.

Another nice tool to create curves is called a "flexible curve", which would be wonderful for creating random or fluid curves in a design...however, it would not give you the exact 1/2 circular shape that you will need for the area on your plan that you are describing.

A compass you can pick up in any office supply store, and even in some stores like Target or Walmart, or even your local grocery store may have them if they have an office supply aisle! The basic types are usually very inexpensive and would be a standard and necessary tool for any designer's toolbox... There are also very "high end" compass sets that you can get for drafting from companies like Staedler Mars, or Chartpak, etc. if you want to have a more durable version.

Here is one available at Office Depot just as an example:

$1.99 version:

$10.99 version from Chartpak:

The other option would be to purchase a larger selection of circle templates with varying sizes, but I would definitely recommend a compass instead. For your assignment, perhaps you can leave that area lightly sketched in with just a guideline until you are able to get a compass to create the hard-lined version. I hope that helps!