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Time and Project Management
« on: July 27, 2011, 09:25:24 pm »
          Time and Project management can often be a battle for some students. Tips below should help and encourage you to be able to complete the assignments on time and in full.

          • Review future assignment on day 7 for the upcoming week. To be sure if there are anything or questions that concern you to post early to get a response.

          • Post any and all questions as soon as you can and allow 24 hours for the facilitator to respond to your questions.

          • Review all questions in the problems/solutions thread and questions for the professor thread about the current week to see if the question you need to have answered has not already been asked by another student.

          • Start your assignments right away and work on them while you are fresh. This is the best way to fully benefit from the learning involved in these assignments. By waiting until the night before an assignment is due, you put undue stress on yourself and your work will not likely be its best. Remember, these assignments are like a kitchen remodel, a project like this takes more time than you think it will.

          • Always check your work against the rubric to be certain you have covered everything.