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Create a Calendar
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You can create a calendar for each session to help you efficiently complete your assignments for each course.  There is an assignment in SS100 where students complete one of these.  So if you have already taken this course, you can reference your previously created calendar.

Create your calendar in MS Word or MS Excel. Your Calendar should include the following:

?     A weekly table of your assignments for all of your classes.

?     Your commitments, which should include time blocks that will be spent on work, classes,     
       leisure, family and other personal matters.

?     To maintain your privacy, simply refer to anything not related to work or classes as
       personal time or any other generic terms you'd prefer.

Reference these questions to assist you in accurately filling in your weekly calendar:

?     Is there enough time in the schedule to attend to personal needs?

?     Do you think the amount of time set aside is realistic?

?     Do you think your created calendar schedule is obtainable for the upcoming week?


You do not want to create a calendar that is unrealistic for you to follow, it will only discourage you.  It might take a few weeks to get used to following your own schedule and sometimes it might have to be updated due to unexpected changes in your daily schedule, but once the schedule works for you, you will find your time is managed for your course work efficiently!