Author Topic: Hw to merge two pieces of a draft in Photoshop  (Read 1368 times)


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Hw to merge two pieces of a draft in Photoshop
« on: April 28, 2015, 07:53:05 pm »
In a previous class, an instructor taught the class how to flawlessly merge two sides of a picture in Photoshop and I forgot the process to do so. I have been cropping and adding both sides into one canvas and lining them up but it doesn't work as well as the other method. Can anyone help me?


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Re: Hw to merge two pieces of a draft in Photoshop
« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2015, 10:32:55 am »
Hi Christina:

I hope that this information below will be helpful to you! The tutorial comes from a posting that is here in the forum for your use! I hope this will be what you are looking for!...You can click on the links or copy and paste to your browser:


There is also another embedded video that was posted a while back by another of our faculty, Dr. Priest, that you may find helpful as well. Unfortunately I am unable to copy and paste it here into this thread, but you can reference it and find it by using the search feature here in the forum. It's title and date are:

Photomerge Multiple Scanned Imaged
on: July 25, 2011, 02:41:07 pm

*The "search" link is at the top of this thread (near "Home" and "Help"). You can search for information by keyword and often you will find that another person may have already asked a similar question...and answers may be there for your review already!If you put in photomerge as your key word you will find the posting I have listed above and you can review the video!

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