How do i read the 1/2'' part to make it equal to a 1/4''?

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Author Topic: Need Help in Reading Architect Ruler: 1/2''-1''  (Read 1796 times)


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Need Help in Reading Architect Ruler: 1/2''-1''
« on: January 27, 2016, 10:03:57 am »
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Re: Need Help in Reading Architect Ruler: 1/2''-1''
« Reply #1 on: January 28, 2016, 12:58:09 pm »
Hi Val:

Thanks for your question!...Yes, an architectural scale ruler is quite a unique instrument and it has 12 different "scales" displayed on the different sides of its triangular shape! It can look a bit different at first, from what you are used to with a standard ruler, but you'll be able to work with every one of its scales once you understand its main setup/organizaton.

Each side of the triangular ruler has four "scales". Two for each side. For example, where you see the 1/4" scale notations, you will also see the 1/8" scale notations. The measurements for 1/4" scale go in one direction, and the 1/8" scale measurements go in the other direction. For each "scale" there are smaller increments representing one foot on the end of the ruler.

For your 1/2" scale, it is on the same side of the ruler where you see the 1" scale. For the 1/2" side, you will see smaller measurements noted in small lines on the end of the ruler that indicate the 0 mark, the 6" mark and the 12" mark (1 foot). On the opposite end you'll see the same markers indicated for the 1" scale.... a 0 mark, 6" mark and 12" (1 foot) mark and tiny lines indicating each inch. You will read the 1/2" scale from right to left, and you'll read the 1" scale from left to right!....
That's the tricky part! To be sure you are reading in the correct direction.

One way you can tell the direction of the scale is to look at the size of the numbers that are along the scale...on each side, the numbers that are larger go with the larger scale (1" in this case) and the numbers that are smaller go with the smaller scale (1/2" in this case).

As you work with the scale, just be sure to note the direction...You can also turn the ruler over if you like, and work with it upside down if you find it easier to think of things only in the left to right directly.

This tutorial has some great information about how to read the architectural scale! I hope you find it helpful! https://akloc.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/architectural-scale.pdf

This video may also be helpful to you!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rytS0euo_Qw