Author Topic: How to create Door and Window Openings and using MOVE and ROTATE in 3-D!  (Read 1173 times)


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Here is a two part tutorial to show several key elements in working in 3-d:

It first shows how to create door and window solids and subtract them from your walls to create door and window openings in your walls; subtracting a "solid" from a "solid."

It then shows how you can move an object in 3-D space, by creating a window opening as a solid on the ground plane and moving it up 3 feet to its proper height in the wall.

The "FORMULA" for this uses the MOVE command and includes the @ symbol, then the distance you want to move in the X direction  then the distance you want to move in the Y direction and then  the distance you want to move in the Z direction (which is upward or downward in space). As an example, if you want to move a window up 3 feet from the ground, this is how it would look:

MOVE COMMAND: click on the window solid you created (then hit enter after you have made your selection)

TO POINT: type in :   @0,0,3'

This tells AutoCAD to move the window at 0 in the X direction, 0 in the Y direction (keeping it in the same place on your ground plane)  and 3 feet up in the Z direction...

Here is the tutorial:  http://screencast.com/t/uc76WkHqUv3T

The next step is to use BOOLEAN SUBTRACT to subtract the solid door and window forms from your walls. This will create a cutout in the walls...

-Remember to use different layers for your 3-D objects (doors, walls, windows, etc.). This will help you to be able to select them and work with them...Locking and unlocking layers also helps too!
-You can work with these steps while in plan view or 3-D view!

This second part of the tutorial shows how to subtract your door and window openings from the walls and how to use ROTATE to place your doors at a rotated angle....