Author Topic: Accessing 3-D views and ensuring/moving objects to the ground plane (XY plane)  (Read 1369 times)


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This tutorials contains an overview of the use of the VIEW CUBE, the ribbon's VIEWS area and the written "views" on the upper left of your screen. It explains isometric parallel views vs. perspective views and how to access them.

The tutorial also illustrates the illusions that can happen when making objects in 3-D. It shows how to check that your objects are on the GROUND plane (XY Plane).

Should you have objects flying up in space above the ground or sitting below the GROUND PLANE that you need to move, this tutorial shows you how to find them and move them back to the GROUND PLANE (XY Plane).

Here is the tutorial:

-Consider working with your GRID turned on when you view your 3-D work. Your GRID will always be on the GROUND PLANE, and it can become a helpful visual aid!