Author Topic: Creating Title Block? Are they done in Model or Paper Space?  (Read 2005 times)


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Hi Instructor,

I have went over several videos and tutorials and I am still having difficulties trying to remember how to create a Title Block?  I have attempted to create one in both areas and nothing is working?  Any suggestions or assistance on what I am doing wrong?




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Re: Creating Title Block? Are they done in Model or Paper Space?
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The title block will be drawn directly in PAPERSPACE, just be sure you have your sheet sizes set correctly first.  You can use LINE or PLINE to create the border, and OFFSET to create the spaces on the title block itself. 

We don?t really have a set standard title block, but you do have to make sure it includes the necessary information such as the project name, spaces to list revisions, the date, who drew it, who checked, the sheet name, and the sheet number. 

I would also encourage you to place the title block information in a vertical block on the left hand side instead of at the bottom, this way the information shows even when the drawings are rolled.  I also recommend you make a BLOCK in AutoCAD once you create the title block so you don?t have to keep redrawing it, and it also keeps it consistent.
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