Author Topic: How can I get only certain layers to show up in different viewports?  (Read 2037 times)


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I have had problems in the past with all my layers showing on different viewports. Is there a way to only show certain layers? I have tried locking the layers I do not want to show up and then it locks them on every layer.



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Re: How can I get only certain layers to show up in different viewports?
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Hi Kalama:

This is a terrific question, and as you probably have guessed, AutoCAD DOES have features that let you show certain layers ONLY inside of certain viewports. You can have total control of what you will see inside of each viewport!

The feature that allows you to do this is inside of your LAYER MANAGER. It sounds like you are already familiar with the layer manager a bit, and you know that there are columns within it that allow you to turn layers on and off, lock and unlock, freeze and thaw, which are the first few columns on the left inside of the layer manager area.

These first few columns control what we see in MODEL for example, if you turn off a layer with the "lightbulb" in your layer manager, you will not see that layer in model space....THUS, you will not see it in ANY of your viewports.... It is turned off universally.....

The other area of the layer manager, which includes the columns that are more toward the right side (sometimes you must scroll over to see them), are layers that start with "VP" (for viewport). These VP layers control what we see inside of each viewport, and they control what we see independently of what is seen in MODEL SPACE, so in other words, the VP layers just control ONLY what we see in the viewport and if you were to freeze a layer in one of your viewports, you would still be able to see the layer in the other viewports and also in your MODEL SPACE area.

So, what you want to look for when you set up your viewports and set up the layers you want to see and do NOT want to see, is to look for the "VP FREEZE" column within your layer manager. Again, you may need to scroll over far to the right to see it....

Once you see the VP FREEZE column, the trick to it is to be sure that you have clicked INSIDE of the viewport you want to work with FIRST. This makes the viewport CURRENT. You can tell when a viewport is current by seeing the heavier outline around the viewport once it is selected.

Here are the steps:

1. Select a viewport you want to work with and click inside of it, making it your CURRENT viewport.

2. Go to your layer manager. Look for the VP FREEZE column.

3. Click on the VP FREEZE column associated with any layer you DO NOT want to see within that viewport. You will see the icon change from a sun to a snowflake.

Once you have frozen the layers you do not want to see in the viewport, you'll notice that you can still see those same layers in your other viewports and in model space. You can go from one viewport to the next, setting up the layers that you need for each one, without disturbing what you have in model space!

I hope that helps you set up your layers "per viewport"!....It's a great feature of AutoCAD!


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