Author Topic: Blocks for Windows and Doors?  (Read 3058 times)


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Blocks for Windows and Doors?
« on: February 07, 2013, 02:57:55 pm »
I am a bit confused about blocks. I have used them before, but for some reason I thought there was a number of blocks already available on AutoCAD, but whenever I go to the Design Center in AutoCAD, the only blocks that come up for me are a kitchen sink and faucet. Are there pre-made window and door blocks available? OR, is this a case where I might have to make my own blocks?


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Re: Blocks for Windows and Doors?
« Reply #1 on: February 07, 2013, 04:57:37 pm »
Hi Amescoubas:

Within AutoCAD, you should see quite a few blocks within the Design Center area. In order to find them, you need to locate the files that contain them and follow the "tree" of files and folders. It is a bit tricky at times to find the folders, especially in the 2013 version because they have placed them in a location that is a bit buried...but you can find them if you follow these steps: (assuming that your computer and AutoCAD installation is organized in the same way as mine)

-type in ADC at the command prompt. This will bring you to the Design Center
-your design center blocks will be under the following series of folders: C drive, Program Files, AutoDesk, AutoCAD 2013,  sample, en-us, and then "Design Center". Within the design center folder, you will see a series of drawings. They will have the AutoCAD drawing file icon (blue and yellow).
-in the list of AutoCAD drawings you will see such drawings as "Home Space Planner" , and "House Designers" and "Kitchens". If you click on any of these drawings, you will see a list of objects..one of them will say "BLOCKS".
-click on BLOCKS and you will see the pre-made blocks for that particular file appear in the preview box. Double click on any of them and you can then click inside of your drawing to insert the block.

You also are always free to research free AutoCAD blocks on the internet. Many companies have them for their products and there are also many CAD forums where people share blocks. Just be sure you know whether you are downloading 2-D or 3-D versions of the blocks first. For 2-D drafting, you only need 2-D blocks of course! You can also make your own wblocks at any time and start to keep a library of them for future use. This way you will never have to draft the same item more than once!

I hope you find this information helpful!