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rescaling drawing
« on: March 08, 2013, 03:37:07 pm »
I have dwnloaded file from class, id330, if I hit the space bar after command the autocad program closes.  I deleted them and redownloaded from class but still having problem.    Also if I bring into my template drawing it doesnt bring in the layers from the original file.  Julie


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Re: rescaling drawing
« Reply #1 on: March 08, 2013, 04:41:18 pm »
Hi Julie:

I am not completely understanding your question about the relationship between the file from your class and the space bar...and how the two are related? So, some questions for you:

-When you download the file from class, are you able to open the file using AutoCAD?
-What are you trying to do when you are using the space bar? (Normally you should not need the space bar for typing commands and it should not close out your entire AutoCAD program..even if you did use it). If you are having trouble getting back to your command prompt after completing a command, you can juse use the ESC key (escape) on your keyboard and it will return it to your command prompt. Similarly, if you use the ENTER key, you will be returned to the last command that you completed...

-When you say that you are trying to "bring in" your template drawing, are you saying that you are trying to insert your template drawing INTO the downloaded classroom file? and if so, are you inserting it as a block? Or are you trying to copy and paste it?....

If you are trying to insert it as a block, you would go to the INSERT menu, select BLOCK, then click on BROWSE and browse for the file you want to insert. Select it, then click on OK, and then click a point on your screen to insert one drawing into the other....You may then need to zoom out (zoom all command) to see it. Be sure also that when you do this, you do not have any layers turned off or locked...

If you are copying and pasting, you would need to just remember to use EDIT, COPY, select your objects from the first file, then hit your ENTER key to complete the selection, then open the second file and go to EDIT, PASTE. Click inside of your file and you will bring in the objects or drawing from the first file...

In both of the methods above, your layers should come right along with the file and/elements you are pasting!

I hope that helps somewhat. If you can give more details and information, perhaps I can be of more help? Screen shots, or attaching your file might also help us to get closer to a solution for you...