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Steps to sign up with Skype
« on: February 04, 2015, 03:15:33 pm »
How do I join Skype?

If you’re new to Skype, it’s really easy to get started by signing up with a Microsoft account.

To join Skype with a Microsoft account

1. Go to the Join us page.

2.Enter the email address you want to use, then click I agree - Continue.

3.If you already have a Microsoft account for the email address you entered, skip to step 7. Otherwise, the Create an account page appears.

4.Enter your name, password, and other account security and profile details, then click I accept.

5.You'll be sent a link to validate your new Microsoft account via email.

Important: You must validate your new Microsoft account by visiting the link you'll be sent via email; otherwise, you will not be able to proceed with Skype. If you don't see the email in your inbox after you've completed the sign-up, check your junk and spam folders.
6.If you already have a Skype account at this email address, you'll be prompted to link your new Microsoft account to your Skype account.

7.You’ve joined Skype and you’re signed into your Microsoft account. From here you can download Skype for your device, edit your information and lots more.

Important: Make sure to choose the Microsoft account option when you sign into Skype on your device.