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The Creative Cloud- What is it?
« on: February 24, 2015, 11:41:25 am »
For the Adobe Creative Cloud (CC):  The Creative Cloud  is a membership service that will allow students access to Adobe‚Äôs full collection of applications as well as other services through the membership.  To view all of the software included in the Creative Cloud, please visit:

Students can download a free 30-Day Trial of the Creative Cloud at:

A few things to note about the Adobe Creative Cloud:

1. Students will need to create an Adobe User ID as part of the registration process. This log-in will be required to be used each time you access the Creative Cloud and its features.

2. Be sure to use a valid email address as Adobe will require new users to validate their email address.

3. One of the features of the Creative Cloud is that you can have Adobe software installed on two devices, on any platform at any time.

4. Students will be given 20 GB of storage space to use to store and share files on the Cloud.

5. The software titles on the Creative Cloud will still need to be downloaded to your device as the Cloud does not have streaming capabilities.

6. Adobe Creative Cloud requires a minimum OS of Windows 7 for PC and MAC 10.7

7. If you are utilizing the software voucher as part of your financial plan, these will not be issued until the first week of your regular class.

8. Students will always have the most up to date software versions by using the Creative Cloud.

Additional material requirements can be found by accessing the Course Home in each of your scheduled courses under the Description and Requirements section.