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MyPlacement Test
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At the Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Online Division, the MyPlacement Test may be an important part of your enrollment process. One of our goals is to make sure that you are scheduled for the courses that you will need to academically progress towards graduation. We require that you complete general education English as part of your academic progression. But, before taking your general education courses in English, we want to make sure you are prepared and possess the skills you will need to be successful in those classes. The MyPlacement Test helps us to determine at which level you should be starting your education regarding English.

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Online Division will automatically register English review courses for students enrolled in an associate or bachelor’s program. There is one English review course, ENG095.  However, it may not be necessary for you to take, given two opportunities that you have to place out of these review courses:
•   Appropriate Transfer of Credit
•   Passing scores on your MyPlacement Test

Appropriate Transfer of Credit
If a student transfers college-level, general education English course credits with a grade of a C or better, then he or she would be exempt from taking the English review course (ENG095).
If a student does not transfer college-level, general education English credits with a C or better, then he or she would be required to take the appropriate review courses, unless the student took the MyPlacement Test and had high enough scores to place him or her out of the review classes. Talk to your Academic Counselor if you have any questions about transferring credit.

Passing Scores on the MyPlacement Test
You are able to take the MyPlacement Test by accessing it in your Campus Common. Under the "My Classes" area of the Campus Common, you will see a link titled "Online Classroom Home & Placement Tests." By following this link you will be able to access the MyPlacement Test. Click here to access the Campus Common.  (Students WILL NOT need to complete any of the Math Placement Tests)

The passing score required to be exempt from ENG095 on the MyPlacement Test is 30 and above. 

Student’s scoring 29 or below will be required to complete ENG095.

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