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« on: January 30, 2015, 05:50:11 pm »
Hi, I was just wondering where I can find a beginners course in photoshop? I used cs5 in 2009 and still just basically use it to get by. I would just like to find somewhere to tell me what tools to use and why I use them. especially when it comes to layers, masks, ect. Thanks

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Re: Beginner
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Hi Melgills,

If you do a simple Internet search you should find an endless list of tutorials and resources for Photoshop available.  As a student, you get free access to which provides some of the worlds best video on-demand training.  To access this resource, go into the discussion area in any of your photography classes and at the very top, click on the big red button that says help.  Follow the instructions to set up your account. Once you create your account, you will have access to an amazing amount Photoshop training from beginner to advanced and also training in all the Adobe applications such as Lightroom, In-design and Illustrator that you will be utilizing in your upcoming classes.
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