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light meter
« on: February 18, 2015, 04:55:07 pm »
I am starting a class in a couple weeks and I am not sure if I have purchased the correct light meter. My funds are low and I can not afford the one from B&H suggested through the class. I purchased the following,

The DSM150 is a high precision portable digital light meter. The Meter features a bar graph display for easy reading of ambient illuminance, maximum and minimum reading, LX/FC measuring and peak/relative measuring. This convenient Meter is ideal in many areas such as construction, inspection, photography, greenhouse gardening and much more. Measurement: Light Range (Lux): 0 200000 Lux Light Range (FC): 0 20000 FC Features: LCD Display: 2000 Auto and Manual Range Auto Power Off MAX/MIN Relative Measurement Peak Mode Back Light Data Hold Low Battery Indicator Accessories: Case 1 x 9V Battery Users Manual

Should I return this and get a different light meter, my budget is about 175 dollars to get a new light meter.  Please help me. Thank you.

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Re: light meter
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Hi Janice,

What you have is a light meter made for other industries such as interior design, not photography, and incapable of displaying readings that would be directly useful to know what to set your camera to.  You will need a photographic light meter capable of reading both ambient light and flash (the short intense burst of light from your studio strobes - monolights) to display readings in values that correspond to your camera settings. (ISO, f-stop and shutter speeds)  An example of a good photographic light meter is the Sekonic L-478DR, our recommended light meter.  The photographic light meter is a very critical tool to see and control your lighting and will be heavily utilized and critical to your photography classes.  There are several recommendations listed in the  the equipment list the Photography Department makes available through your Academic Advisor and also posted in the Course Home of all the photography classes.  I find the light meter a place where sometimes students cut corners and usually end up purchasing another one later, adding considerable additional expense.  This is something worth saving for and to utilize throughout your photographic career.  Be sure to look at the educational discounts available to you through B&H, Adorama and Mac-On-Campus.  Since you are getting prepared in advance of your class and have a little tine to look around, Sekonic had a light meter that was our previous recommendation, the L-358,  I has been discontinued, but is a fantastic light meter and you may be able to find it discounted or used doing some searching.  You may be able to locate one that may fit your budget and this meter would handle all the situations you would encounter in your classes and has additional features such as independent setting of both f-stop and shutter speed when taking ambient readings and helping you meter ratios that can make your metering and light setup much easier.

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