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Lighting Equipment
« on: January 28, 2016, 12:57:31 pm »
I've already bought lighting equipment that's not the $1,000 equipment that the school recommends.

LimoStudio Photo Video Studio Light Kit:
33" Studio White Umbrella Lighting Reflector (x2),24" Softbox Reflector with Light Holder(x2), 45W Digital Full Spectrum CFL Light Bulb (x4)
E27 AC Socket Light Stand Mount Umbrella Holder (x2), Photo Video Studio Light Stand (x2), Heavy Duty Light Stand (x2)
Backdrop Support Stand with 10' Crossbar (x1), Chromakey (x1)
6'x9' Muslin Green Backdrop Background (x1), 6'x9' Muslin Black Backdrop Background (x1), 6'x9' Muslin White Backdrop Background (x1)
3.75" Photography Muslin Backdrop Clamps (x3), Backdrop Ring Holder(x5)

I'm wondering if I can just buy the needed parts to make it a strobe kit as well (they sell the parts on Amazon)?
LimoStudio Photo Studio 300W Flash Strobe Light Monolight Speedlite Lighting, AGG1404  (I'd buy 3)
LimoStudio Photostudio Photography 4-Channel Radio Remote Trigger w/ 2 Receiver for Studio Strobe Flash Light, AGG1310

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Re: Lighting Equipment
« Reply #1 on: January 28, 2016, 01:24:17 pm »
Hi Katerirose81,

You can certainly add to the equipment you already have by purchasing three monolights.  Some aspects to consider here is the monolights are considerably heavier than continuous lighting kits such as what you already have. The stands you have may be too light duty to handle a monolight with a light modifier without becoming unstable and potentially falling over and damaging the unit.  Also take a very close look at the required specifications.  The monolight you referenced (AGG1404) does not meet the minimum requirements required by the Photography Department.  Each monolight must be between 320-640 Watt Seconds (WS) in flash output and the modeling light must be at least 150 watts or more.  The AGG1404 is a 250WS unit with a 50w modeling light.  I think when you do some shopping around you will find the Kit Ai offers is a good value in both price and quality and can be added to tuition (if you qualify) to ease the initial expense outlay.  The kit was put together by several of the photography faculty to assure students had an affordable option that would meet all the requirements in all of the photography classes in the program and provide them a flexible, consistent and quality option with a short flash duration and standard connectivity to take into their professional career.
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