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Welcome To The Help Forum
« on: March 25, 2013, 05:45:51 pm »
Welcome To The Photography Help Forum

This  Forum is a primary resource for Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division students enrolled in photography courses.  The forum is divided into several categories, some of which are informational (read only) and others of which are interactive (where questions can be posted).  If you have questions, please post in the "Need Help" area of this forum.  If you have a general question, or are not sure where it goes, you can ask your question in this discussion board. 

**Please note, if your question is more appropriate for another thread, I will move your post to that thread
(though your original question and any responses will stay the same)**

Please review the existing topics in the help forum to see if there is an active discussion that addresses your concern.  If not, please start a new topic.
If you have any questions regarding this thread, how to use the help forum or which discussion board is appropriate for a specific concern, please contact

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