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Creative Cow After Effects tutorials
« on: April 12, 2011, 12:04:31 pm »
Here are links to some great tutorials for using After Effects
Creating an old TV screen
Building an animated stroke:
paint into masks

using caustics

Procedural matte creation
Rotoscoping with vector paint
scrolling titles
particle illusion
parenting and expressions making a wheel and crank

creating a news open(2 above)
particle playground
Confetti with particle playground
animated fireflies to form a logo using trapcode particular
making ink splotches
creating light streaks like in nano commercial
animating a signature
3d reflections
flip book effect
creating a custom waveform
lighting and shadows
Dressing up a scene with shadows
How to be a film compositor
Creating liquid light with trapcode shine
animating tree grow with leaves
Simulated lighting
understanding straight vs. premultiplied
creating 3d ribbon text in AE
Horror film style text on the wall
AE slide shows
creating a cartoon from video
multiple computer render
lip synching a character
Run AE 7 on Intel based macpro
Shooting for 3D AE world
Create Fire with CC filters and displacement
basic color keying
text blur effect
3D compositing basics
camera shake with wiggler
diplacement map
expressions control 1
depth of field fly throughs
multicolored gradient maps
broadcast safe
gradient ramp
magnifying glass
Learning some basic lighting techniques